N5.5b Debt: Otudeko in Court, Played Hide and Seek

A reporter raised his tablet to get an aerial shot of Otudeko in a pink native suit, sandwiched by his men in suit.

Ladipo Sanusi/

Chairman of Honeywell Group Plc, Dr Oba Otudeko, played hide and seek with the Paparazzi today, when he appeared at the Federal High Court, in Lagos, to testify in a case.

Otudeko was summoned by Justice Mohammed Idris, at the instance of Ecobank Plc to testify in a suit between one of his companies, Anchorage Nigeria Limited, and the bank, over alleged N5.5 billion debt, and reporters were waiting to get a good camera shot of him after court proceedings.

Men in black suit shielded Otudeko from the onslaught of the Paparazzi

The trial on the matter was stalled following objection raised by Ecobank Plc’s lawyer, A. O. Divine, who informed the Court that Otudeko’s statement on oath was served on him while in court today.

Though, Otudeko’s lawyer, Olabode Olanipekun, had informed the Court that despite the decision of Ecobank Plc’s lawyer not to examine Otudeko on his statement on oath, the Court should allow him to cross-examine the witness (Otudeko) on the statement.

But, due to argument and counter-argument from both parties on Otudeko’s statement on oath, the presiding judge adjourned the matter till February 14, for both parties to address the Court on the statement.

After the adjournment, both parties were on their way out of the courtroom, when a mild drama was triggered by the positioning of Channels Television camera that was set to record those present in court from both parties. Otudeko’s aides made efforts to stop the cameras from recording their boss, so they built a fence around him as they sandwiched and guided him to his Range Rover SUV.

Otudeko’s guards saw him safely to his car.

Otudeko was summoned by the Court, during Tuesday’s proceedings to give evidence in relation to the alleged N5.5billion debt allegedly owed Ecobank Nigeria Plc.