Former Beauty Queen Shot in the Head

From Fox News/

A former Miss Guatemala, Rosa Otilia Ramirez, was murdered in broad daylight on a sidewalk after dropping her daughter off at school at 7 a.m. in Guatemala City on Jan. 19, according to a local media report.

CCTV cameras captured the gruesome moment when the former beauty contestant was shot in the head by a masked gunman. The footage, shared by The Daily Mail, shows Ramirez walking as the masked man follows her, and she seemingly doesn’t take notice.

The unidentified male, who is wearing jeans and black shirt, follows behind the 32-year-old mother. He then removes a gun from the waist of his pants and fires it, shooting Ramirez in the head.

Ramirez then drops to the concrete sidewalk as the murderer runs away in the same direction that he came from, fleeing from the bloody scene. Ramirez’s body remains on the pavement as the security cameras capture cars driving by on the street while she bleeds out.

According to The Daily Mirror, police said the cold-blooded slaying was premeditated. In the days since Ramirez’s death, no suspects have been identified.

Law enforcement officers have said they believe the murderer knew Ramirez, according to reports. According to a local media story, police have said the murder is thought to be a crime of passion.