Dog Shoots Owner Dead

Terekhov and one of his dogs.

A dog shot his master to death with a rifle in a freak accident in Russia.
Sergey Terekhov had let his two dogs out of his Lada car to run before he went on a hunting expedition in Russia’s Saratov region.
One of the animals bounded up to him and clawed the trigger of his loaded TOZ-34 hunting rifle.
The bullet hit Terekhov, 53, in the abdomen.
The man collapsed on the frozen ground.
His cousin immediately called an ambulance, but Terekhov died on the way to hospital.
Paramedics were unable to save him, according to reports.
Terekhov died less than an hour after being shot by the dog.
The accident was at a popular hunting location some three miles from Dyakovka village.
A police investigator said: “Having arrived at the scene, the hunter got his dogs out of the back of his car.
“The gun was on his knee.
“The butt of the gun was on the ground, the barrel was directed to his abdomen.
“The dogs jumped out of the car and one of them sprang right on the owner, pressing the trigger.
“All has happened in front of the hunter’s cousin.
“He immediately called an ambulance.
“The ambulance came quite fast from Dyakovka village, but he died on the way to hospital.”
The investigator said the victim was “sober” and had the relevant licenses for his hunting gun.
“This was an accident”, he added.