Trump Retweets Anti-Muslim Videos, Sparks Outrage

President Donald Trump

Ololade Adeyanju & DailyMail/
President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning retweeted videos posted by a British nationalist, which showed ‘Muslims’ committing crimes.
Trump retweeted content posted by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First, a far-right group that stands against the Islamisation of the United Kingdom.
The first video purportedly shows a ‘Muslim migrant’ beating up a Dutch boy on crutches.
Mr Trump also retweeted a video of a Muslim man ‘destroy[ing] a statue of Virgin Mary’, and another where Fransen wrote, “Islamist mob pushed teenage boy off roof and beats him to death!”

Trump’s retweets

All the clips that Fransen tweeted, that then Preisdent Trump retweeted, are unverified.
Last year, Fransen was found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment after accosting a Muslim woman.
The charge stemmed from a January 2016 incident in which Fransen, wearing a political uniform and during a so-called ‘Christian patrol,’ accosted a Muslim woman named Sumayyah Sharpe in Luton, England.
Asked about trump’s action on CNN, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called the retweets “bizarre and disturbing.”
“And particularly when I think of him doing that in the context of North Korea, where moderation and temperance and thought, I think, is critical,” Clapper said.
“I have no idea of explaining what, on earth, motivated it,” the ex-DNI chief added, warning it could rattle relations with American allies around the world.
In the United Kingdom, officials are facing pressure to cancel Trump’s state visit in the aftermath of his trio of retweets.
The widower of murdered politician Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed by a man yelling, “Britain First”, strongly condemned Trump’s actions.
“Trump has legitimised the far right in his own country, now he’s trying to do it in ours,” said Brendan Cox on Wednesday. “Spreading hatred has consequences and the president should be ashamed of himself,” he added.