AWLA Vows to Protect Victims of Molestation

AWLA President, Mrs Mandy Demechi-Asagba

Ronke Kehinde/

Amarachi is a 10-year-old girl who was on an errand by her parent when some young men waylaid and raped her severally.

But for the intervention of African Women Lawyers Association, AWLA, within two weeks one of the attackers got seven years jail term in a Lagos court.

Gambo Lawal just graduated from Immaculate Comprehensive High School, Maryland, Lagos, when a suitor came to pay her bride price. Her parents told her to get ready for marriage in two weeks time.

The 16-year-old girl cried and begged her parents not to marry her off. Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Fortunately for her, AWLA came to her rescue. Today, just a year after, Gambo is a student of Mass Communication and a talented artist who uses natural fabrics to make clothes, bags and shoes.

Recently she showcased her works at Nigerian Fashion Show.

These are just two out of many cases of sexual assaults and abuses that AWLA has helped to solve and bring succor to the people.

United Nation statistics shows that one out of three women in the world has been beaten, sexually assaulted, or abused with the abuser usually being someone known to her.

Research also shows that two out of three of female victims of physical and or sexual violence did not contact the police or report to any security agency or service.

That was why AWLA recently organized a fund raising and formal presentation of her Compendium to give opportunity to people who would like to support victims of molestation and harassment.

Speaking at the occasion, the President of AWLA, Mrs Mandy Demechi-Asagba said: “Team AWLA fund raising is all about getting stakeholders and groups of like minds who share the same vision and mission with us to continue to protect, promote, and preserve the rights of women and children in our environment. This cause is not for women lawyers alone, everyone should join our progress train.”

Some of the guest speakers at the occasion are: Osasu Paul – Azino, Director, Pastor Bimbo Odukoya Foundation, Abiola Sholadoye, Chief Registrar High Court of Lagos, Princess Olufemi Kayode Asoka, and Patricia Chiegboka, Psychologist and psychotherapist.

Monday Oyekachi Ubani, the second Vice President of Nigeria bar Association spoke about the menace and also coordinated the speakers at the occasion.

The speakers spoke on the menace in different angles and emphasized on prevention rather than cure.  “Parents especially mothers should be their children’s friends. Get them to talk about anything and everything. And parents should be observant always,” Mrs. Patricia Chiegboka said.

Dr Raymond Adegoke said, “Parents should properly dress their children, not in an obscene manner; and women should stop provoking men with their indecent dressing.”

The Oni of Ife was duly represented by his chiefs and promised to assist AWLA in any of their forthcoming projects.

It is the duty of everyone to fight this menace. That was the popular talk at the event. We all must be ready, parents, schools, religious bodies, state and federal government, corporate bodies and societal support.

“AWLA is working and ready to do more. However, we cannot do it alone. Kindly partner with us; if we all key into this noble cause for women and children, there is no doubt that our society will be a better place for us and we would experience security and peace which are necessary for progress.”

For anyone that wants to partner with AWLA, they can be contacted through these emergency numbers 112 and 767. Email:


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