Why Nigerian Lawmakers are Lawless – Obasanjo …Ex President Condemns Gays

Obasanjo at the event in London today

From Dupe Olaoye-Osinkolu, London/

Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, today disclosed in London that many legislators committing crimes in Nigeria are those who had lived criminal lives abroad before coming home to join politics.

Obasanjo spoke at a Thanksgiving organised by the Love of Christ Generation Church in London as part of a 3-day joint crusade by the Cherubim & Seraphim (C&S) and the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) which began on Friday.

Delivering a sermon titled ‘Where Are You?’ Obasanjo said, “Nigerians must be law abiding in whatever country they find themselves because, if you are not good and law abiding in any country of your residence, you can never be good when you return to Nigeria.

“That is why the bad people in government, especially the legislature, are those who had lived and committed crimes abroad and have returned home to continue their bad ways.”

He argued that Nigeria will be where it should be, if Nigerians “are diligent, disciplined, have integrity with no malice to anyone and embrace service to God”.

On the ‘Where Are You? Sermon which dwelt on the responsibilities of parents to their children and vice-versa, he said, “Where are you is a simple question that is difficult to answer for sinners, because it is not about your location but your relationship with God.

“How can you hide from the creator who created you? Even Adam knew he did wrong, hence his not-straight forward answer, as his relationship with God was broken.”

Obasanjo urged parents to perform the responsibility of custodian assigned to them by God for their children to make them useful.

He supported his submissions with Bible passages from Ephesians 6, 1-3 and Proverb 13: 1.

Obasanjo recalled that former Osun State governor, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola who was also at the service, was 43rd out of 64 children, yet he grew up to be useful as he always said he couldn’t say ‘this is my mother’ while growing up as everybody was disciplining him.

Obasanjo added that his own daughter who is number 13th has made Oyinlola a point of reference, always saying if Oyinlola could make it in that birth position, she was also hopeful of making it.

On husband and wife’s relationship, Obasanjo said love, caring and sharing were God’s will for human beings, and that the new way of man marrying man, woman marrying woman is against the law of procreation.

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, who also spoke at the event described Obasanjo as a rare breed who has been having God on his side all his life.

He added that at times God would create problems for human beings to safeguard their lives “so people should always believe in God whatever challenges they are facing”.
He recalled how Obasanjo “was set up and imprisoned, even given a death sentence but God brought him out, and he later became President of his country”.
He enjoined Nigerians to have faith in God as God can bless anyone who have faith in Him.
Founder of the church, Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi expressed gratitude to all those at the Thanksgiving, urging them to live their lives with love and fear of God.