Jimoh Aliu Drums Up Support for Yoruba Culture Abroad

Chief Aliu with USTAP President, Akinpelu.
By Dupe Olaoye-Osinkolu/
Determined to decrease crime wave among the youths, the Oba Asa of Yorubaland, Chief Jimoh Aliu, MFR, has resolved to re-introduce traditional education.
To actualize this, Aliu recently visited the United States of America and Britain where he met with Yoruba groups. He enjoined them to uphold the Yoruba ethics and tradition which have no room for violence and sharp practices.
“Our culture and tradition must not perish,” he said, as he reminded the young and old not to forget their roots.
From Lagos to New York, Indianapolis to Dallas, Florida to London, the custodian of Yoruba culture and tradition spread his message – the return to roots and the traditional ways of doing things, to end the growing spate of juvenile delinquency and crime among the youths.
In Indianapolis, Aliu addressed the Egbe Omo Yoruba in the diaspora, a pan Yoruba organization, and the United States Theatre-Arts Practitioners (USTAP), on the need to be good ambassadors of their country, and to always teach morals in their drama production.
Mr Adeleke Adebogun, the President of USTAP and other executive members expressed satisfaction at Aliu’s mission and promised to uphold the good names that the past heroes of the theatre-arts industry like late Chief Hubert Ogunde, Duro Ladipo, Oyin Adejobi and others left behind.
Aliu also preached his gospel according to tradition to the Egbe Omo Yoruba in Dallas.
In Dallas, the President of the Egbe Omo Yoruba, Mr Kolawole Ayodele-Oja and his excutive members received him warmly and informed him about their annual Yorubafest, a conference that showcases the beauty of arts and culture through exhibition of Nigerian made products –fabrics, adire, beads, economic forum among other lined up programmes scheduled for August 4th and 5th, 2017.
Chief Aliu was made to address the Yoruba people on radio and television in London and Florida, to drive home his points on moral values and traditional education for the youths.