Embrace Agriculture to Curb Insecurity, Expert

Dr Nwogu, flanked by his Wife and a Radio Presenter, Kelly Blind

Matilda Omonaiye

For Nigeria to combat crime and other social vices this year, a Lagos based entrepreneur, Dr. Kelly Nwogu, has urged the government to engage the citizens in agriculture.
Dr. Nwogu, the Chairman of Livelihood Homes Ltd stated this during an interactive session with persons living with disability in the country on New Year Day.
He said, “The country is experiencing recession but if something urgent is not done, the recession will lead to depression.
“The disabled people in Nigeria, according to record, are over 23 million people in one country; 23 million people that is bigger than the population of some countries in this world. Therefore, I see it that if everyone should keep quiet, the level of crime is increasing daily. People who travel to the East this Christmas complained of armed robbery attack, even yesterday. This will be terrible in the next few months if we don’t do anything about it.
“What I want to do presently now is to get a place I can call a national place for agriculture for these people. Agriculture is the way forward. If they start planting early this year; by August they should be harvesting, depending on the crops.
“Let me show them how to do agriculture; let me help them to get the land, help them to get the crops; how to plant and help them to pay their workers on the farm, until the point of harvest. By the time they do their first harvest they may not need me anymore; then, they can continue from there.
“I decided to buy cheap lands far away from town and people can buy lands for as low as N80, 000 per plot, N50, 000 per plot each for themselves and I have been able to make thousands of people to own land today. The next thing I want to do now is to drive a revolution for agriculture. Let everybody follow me; let’s do agriculture together in Nigeria so that 2017 will not be tough or tougher than the previous year.”